5G Wireless Mobile Technology

Internet communication has come a long way since DSL and broadband technology. We have experienced 2G, 3G, and the current 4G technology. Nowadays, rarely can we see a smartphone without an MP3 player or a camera. With the addition of these and other features, mobile phones have turned into portable handheld computers.

Telecom providers have already started to embrace 4G technology and in fact incorporated it into their smartphones. But will they be ready for the arrival of 5G technology? So what is 5G all about and what innovations will it bring to mobile communications?

According to sources, 5G technology will not be available until the year 2020. This is based on the cycle of introducing a new mobile technology. 1G or first generation systems (NMT) came into being in 1981. Second-generation technology (GSM) were then unveiled in 1992. Ten years later, 3G (W-CDMA/FOMA) became the standard in mobile communications. Devices using IMT-Advanced technology will only come out in 2012-2013. At the moment, there is not enough room for developing new frequency bands from the current 40 MHz assigned to 4G technology.

The different mobile phone technologies have also seen a shift in the manner data is shared between users. Before, infrared connection was used to share data from one handset to another. At the moment, Bluetooth is the primary technology in data transfer. With 5G technology, pervasive networks will allow users to simultaneously connect to several wireless access points and easily switch between them.

5G technology will be utilizing the so-called cognitive radio technology or smart-radio. This will pave the way for various radio technologies to share similar spectrum efficiently using unused spectrum. There will be a proliferation of wireless-based web applications with full multimedia capability beyond 4G capabilities.So there you have 5G technology, in a nutshell. One thing is for sure: this will definitely change the landscape of mobile computing.

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