How Kids Have Related To Technology Throughout History

It used to be a box of crayons, a tricycle, or playing on the monkey bars at the park. Things have changed over the years. Now, in order to entertain our children we have to bring out the DVD player, Xbox, or iPad. We need to step it up and make the most of technology for our kid’s sake. How did we entertain ourselves as kids? It was a very different life.

The Olden Days

One hundred years ago kids entertained themselves by playing in the streets with a stick bat. The fire hydrant would be opened on a hot day and that was considered fun times. If kids weren’t playing they were working. Some children had to work just as hard as adults. They were employed in a factory or out in a field all day long to help the family get by. Getting an education was a luxury, and finding a good teacher was rare.

The Baby Boomers

In the 50’s and 60’s a trip to the beach or a late night movie at the drive-in was considered high quality entertainment. If you were lucky enough to travel farther, you got to backpack through Europe. More and more people were buying their first house, and their first color television. Kids were getting hooked on watching Batman, Scooby Doo, and Star Trek. Some of those kids would later take technology and entertainment to a whole new level.

The Computer Whiz Kids

It began with Atari, and games like Pac Man and Space Invaders. Kids were now finding ways to entertain themselves in front of the computer. Programs were becoming bigger and more advanced. Then, not much later, the portable gaming consoles emerged, making traveling with kids easier. Their attention was now riveted on Tetris and other games for the Gameboy.

Whiney Kids? There’s an App for That

Now, how do you quiet your child the next time you’re on the train or at the grocery store, or even in the library? You hand them your smartphone. There are downloadable applications galore that will not only distract your children, but also teach them. Little kids can try out a drawing or doodling app, and big kids can take quizzes, read books, or watch educational shows.

The iPad is a bit bigger and can also help entertain as well as educate. To keep your grownup gadgets safe, you might want to look into getting cheap iPad accessories like screen protectors, carrying cases, extra batteries, or even a cheap Bluetooth headset.

Where’s The Technology Going?

The number of people using a tablet or smartphone is on the rise every day, and a lot of kids are more computer savvy than their parents. A 3 year-old can easily get online and play some simple games. Classic toy companies have geared their products toward the online world with components to “register your pet” or unlock new characters in video games. These different types of toys are being integrated to attract new audiences, and the technology is only getting better.

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