Jabra BT620s Bluetooth Headphone Review

During this Jabra known in the world mobile phone to his Bluetooth headset. Further, this company was also keen to develop his abilities in the field of audio. BT620s allow you to receive call into your mobile phone use while at the same time you’re enjoying your favorite tunes through your phone. These headphones come with a good offer and an amazing wireless range, but unfortunately this product a bit heavy and less comfortable to use.

Jabra BT620s appear in the sporty design. Quite flexible, although not able to make adjustments. For convenience, the BT620s can be hung on the back of the neck, equipped with a noose around his neck is black with two rounds to either side of the ear in the outer layers of these headphones with a 2.4 inch diameter.

Although these headphones weighs only 3.5 ounces, over time it will feel heavy when worn. Neckband looped around the neck can be hung above the ears to get a better sense of security. But when approximately 10 minutes after use, will feel the pressure load on the ear that causes discomfort.In the middle of the earpieces look sutu which has the main function of the “Play / Pause / Power” which is located on the right side and function keys “Answer / End Call” located on the left.

Jabra BT620s Bluetooth Headphone Review

BT620s also has a volume toggle on the right side of the earphones while on the left side you will find a standard mini USB port, the hole for the microphone and tracking key track (track shuttle keys) that works only supports control via bluetooth profiles. That included headphones into this package is a standard USB cable, AC power adapter, soft protective pouch (soft pouch), and quick instructions on the use of which would need to pengesetan early on BT620s.

Install the BT620s with these features are available inside a deep understanding. But if you read the usage instructions included in the package, then you will quickly understand. First make sure that you have filled the battery on the BT620s. Jabra BT620s can pair with two different tools, but these devices must perform different operations functions. For example, you can connect one to a mobile phone while the others into an MP3 player. That means you can not pair the two headset with two mobile phones. If you decide to use your mobile phone to call functions and listen to music, then you need to operate the features and features A2DP bluetooth for music can be in play.

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With the BT620s you can enjoy 16 hours of talk time or 14 hours for playing music. When the headphones are running out of power, you can recharge its battery via mini-USB port. If you are connected to the computer, so you can simultaneously listen to music from a PC while recharging the process. You also can pair the headset with the PC wirelesss, but in many cases, the audio will be in the position of mono and the sound quality will be reduced.


Jabra BT620s Bluetooth makes it easy for you to handle incoming phone calls to your phone as well when you’re listening to music. You can pair the headphones with two different instruments and play music from a PC via USB connection.


Sizzle sound in background sounds rather disturbing clarity received. Its form is less convenient to use too long.


Jabra BT620s can be a choice for you who want to get 2 functions as well as in 1 product, ie the headset audio player and headset to have conversations on your phone. Jabra BT620s is good quality for playing music. But great design and weight, may be cause inconvenience compared with the Bluetooth device that only provides a feature to communicate via phone.

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