LG LED Monitor Seri E50 Review

E50 is the latest LG PC monitors that use LED technology light sources (Light Emitting Diode), not the CFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), who claimed to be able to save energy around 45 percent (electricity consumption who used only 23 watts). Welcoming the campaign environment-friendly electronic devices & green department who more frequently encouraged, CCFL in the LCD monitor is slowly but surely being replaced by LEDs.

LED lighting is a stable source, meaning that monitors such as E50 produces flicker-free light (flicker free). In addition, the age resistance of LED can reach up to 100 thousand hours. Comparing with the LCD Monitor who survive only around the age of 40 thousand hours.

For picture quality, this E50 series has a sharp picture and very clear with bright color. This can happen because the E50 is supported by features mega contrast ratio (5.000.000:1).

LG LED Monitor Seri E50 Review

Another advantage of E50 LED is backlight technology which has  ability to show fine detail that previously could not be disclosed by the type of LCD monitors. By producing an extraordinary variety of colors, clarity and depth images for pictures darkest well will also be displayed by the LED monitor.

Especially with the display resolution FullHD (1080p Full HD resolution) 1920×1080, E50 has many benefits that can be felt, in addition to help in work E50 has a wide screen, wide and spacious, E50 can also increase your enjoyment while playing the game. With high resolution display, the E50 will provide a guarantee for magnificent graphics display.

One new feature was developed to support the convenience in working, the monitor has a Two-Way E50 Stand which enables the monitor can be removed from the buffer and positioned into the retaining place. Features Two-way Stand is a breakthrough innovation that is intended to laptop users who want to use a bigger screen.

With a thickness of only 17.5mm, the physical appearance of E50 is much more streamlined and lighter compared with other monitors. This makes it is easy to combined the E50 monitor with the interior of the room, E50 appearance is also neat and elegant because of its black color with a little touch button.

Besides being equipped with sophisticated technological features, E50 is also equipped with a unique touch-button “Touch Menu” button that is integrated with LED “On Screen Display” (OSD) into the bezel originative an increasingly smooth appearance. For complete connectivity, the E50 comes with standard D-sub connection, DVI, HDMI & Headphone out.

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