Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover Case (Titanium Gray)

Samsung Galaxy Flip Cover Case for Note 2 is specially designed to fit the needs of the user. This flip cover is designed for your Galaxy Note II protection. You can also take it anywhere you like – office, gym, school or even an evening out on the town.

The cover is made from sturdy textile and hard plastic which protects your device against bumps and scratches. On the other hand, the soft liner of the case protects your phone against dirt and smudges.

You can choose from different colors available including Titanium Grey, Light Blue, Lime Green, Marble White, Orange, Pink, and Mint so you can choose a color that matches your personality the best. You can have durability and style at the same time with this flip cover.

The sole purpose of the case is to protect your smartphone. The front cover protects the smartphone’s display while not in use and you can easily flip it open so you have full access to the screen whenever, wherever.

These cases are specifically designed for the perfect fit of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone. Without making the phone look bulky, you can install the Samsung phone case directly to your device in just a few seconds. Even with the case on, your phone maintains its sleek design.

One problem users have with this cover is the difficulty of using the camera because the users have to flip the cover at the side while holding the device at the same time. Another is the counterfeits. As a user, you should be aware of this so you can have real products for high quality experience.

But still, this product is a must-have if you aim to protect your delicate device. No doubt Samsung Galaxy Flip Cover is the right definition of style and function.

“It fits well to the phone and it’s very nice.”

“Nevertheless, I returned the item and requested a full refund.”

“Excellent I love but yet to have Samsung galaxy note 2.”

Source: Amazon Customer Reviews
Read more reviews by clicking the link above. Overall Rating: 3.6 out of 5. Click here for more details and how to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover Case.

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