Top 10 Best GoPro Selfie Sticks in 2018 Reviews

The global selfie craze has reached astronomical proportions. Many individuals document their lives (both professional and personal) via photographs and videos that they share online. If you are part of this statistic and own and GoPro Camera, consider buying a compatible selfie stick for these reasons. By eliminating shakes, for instance, these sturdy and comfortable GoPro accessories improve the quality of shots. They also enable individuals to shoot high definition selfies from all angles and have light travel-worthy designs. To get value for money, we have reviewed 10 of the best selfie GoPro sticks that offer value. Buy one to propel your photography skills to the next level.

Top 10 Best GoPro Selfie Sticks in 2018 Reviews

Top 10 Best GoPro Selfie Sticks in 2018 Reviews

10. The Alaska Life Selfie Stick

The Alaska Life Selfie Stick

Are you tired of the boring and lifeless selfies you shoot during your outdoor escapades? Do not replace your GoPro camera, as most individuals often do. Instead, buy this lightweight GoPro pole from The Alaska Life to better your experience. Its universal mount is sturdy, non-scratching, and designed to work well with most smart devices (including GoPros). Its comfortable handle grips tightly in the hand to improve performance, while its rugged 36-inch pole increases coverage. Setup, you will shoot excellent straight and overhead selfies.

9. MyGo Mouth Mount

MyGo Mouth Mount

Popular among avid GoPro users such as Antony Wash and Kelly Slater, expect professional results with this novel MyGo Mouth Mount. Perfect for shooting underwater pictures, its breathable scuba-style mouthpiece fits comfortably in the mouth. Air channels are wide and designed to ease breathing, while its stable high-performance design delivers error-free results in all environments. If you have a tight budget, do not settle for the poor quality mouth mounts retailing in stores. MyGo Mouth Mount is not only affordable but also has a universal dropdown design that works with all GoPro models.

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8. Smatree SmaPole S2C

Smatree SmaPole S2C

Because of the poor quality GoPro accessories that most individuals use, the quality of selfies shared online has dropped significantly. If your selfie stick is a pain, for instance, a well-made model such as Smatree SmaPole S2C is a suitable replacement. Its light carbon fiber body is easy to use. It is also extendable (15.8-40.5-inches) for better reach and has a remote Wi-Fi controller that eases its operation. Once synchronized with your camera, you can shoot selfies on demand without manipulating your camera physically. Smatree SmaPole S2C has a fixed tripod mount for hands-free operation and a universal mount that fits most GoPro cameras.

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7. Fugetek FT-568

Fugetek FT-568

Considered among the best selfie sticks for 2017, Fugetek FT-568 delivers professional-grade results in a stylish and affordable package. Measuring 49-inches, it is large and easy to use. The interchangeable mounts offered (two) fit devices up to 4.2-inches thick, while its advanced Bluetooth feature is notable. Once synchronized with your GoPro, you will shoot real time selfies on demand without worrying about data costs. Fugetek FT-568 is light (10 ounces), wobble-free, and powered by a rechargeable 1-hour capacity battery pack.

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6. MiPremium ProFloat

MiPremium ProFloat

A perfect addition to your GoPro accessories, MiPremium ProFloat is a floating waterproof selfie stick for outdoor use. Padded for comfort, its handle does not irritate palms nor fingers as comparable bare plastic models. Its hollowed body is light yet durable, while the versatile mount offered secures GoPro Hero cameras without scratching. Whether you like swimming, snorkeling, surfing, or deep sea diving, expect a memorable experience with this novel selfie stick.

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5. Action Sports Company Monopole

Action Sports Company Monopole

Made of high-grade aluminum, this monopole from Action Sports Company is a fun-to-use selfie stick for GoPro cameras. Telescoping (14-35-inches), for instance, the myriad of selfie types that you can shoot with it is admirable. You can shoot quality group selfies effortlessly. You can also shoot portraits and impressive landscape shots indoors and outdoors. If you are tired of your unstable and wobbly selfie stick, this model has sturdy twist-locking connections. Its padded handle and the adjustable wrist strap offered better its stability further. Amazon offers a lifetime (100%) manufacturer’s warranty for this stick.

4. Selfie World Professional

Selfie World Professional

Ranked among the best GoPro selfie sticks for 2017, buy Selfie World Professional to get a premium day-to-day monopod. Featuring a wobble-free and adjustable (15-47 inches) body, it works with most GoPros and digital cameras. The remote Bluetooth shutter offered works perfectly. Its grip is optimal (silicon) while its light overall construction is perfect for hiking, driving, and vlogging.

3. GoPole Reach

GoPole Reach

With GoPole reach, you get a durable four-stage extension pole with a telescoping 40-inch design. Collapsible to 14 inches, it is also compact, portable, and therefore, among the most recommended GoPro selfie sticks for travelers. Apart from its structural value, most individuals appreciate its functional value. Setup (direct) on most GoPro Hero cameras, for instance, is easy. Its high-strength body, on the other hand, is light (8-ounces), comfortable to handle, and has a smart remote clip for capturing perfect selfies.

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2. GoRad Gear

GoRad Gear

Do you have a GoPro camera that you use to capture selfies often? To secure it well and have quality results whenever you are treasuring memories; order this GoRad Gear selfie stick. Made of aluminum, this tripod-compatible accessory is durable. The wobble free performance that buyers enjoy is admirable, while its telescoping shaft (17-40-inches) improves clarity from all angles. It also supports both close-up and static shots and has twist-locking sections that never crumble under pressure. Each original has a 100% lifetime guarantee and a free nylon bag valued at 7.85 dollars.

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1. The Alaska Life Selfie Stick

The Alaska Life Selfie Stick

Christened the mother of all GoPro Selfie sticks, The Alaska Life has a durable camera mount that fits most GoPro types. It also works with iPhone 6 and 7 and has a newly designed grip handle that minimizes fatigue. During your adventures, therefore, you will be able to shoot for long without straining your wrist or fingers. Although this stick lacks a Bluetooth shutter, its effectiveness and quality of construction have made it a bestseller globally.

Selfie sticks are valuable GoPro accessories that better the performance and overall experience of users. If you are shopping for one, our 10 picks for 2017 are the best. They are durable, for instance. Their versatile mounts secure most GoPro cameras, while the telescoping bodies support close-up, static, and panoramic photography.

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